Botchan Dango (dumpling)

This lovely dumpling has sweet bean paste colored by adzuki beans, eggs,and powdered green tea in it. Since the dumpling appeared in the novel of Botchan written by Soseki Natsume, this has been called "Botchan Dango (dumpling)." How about having these dumplings, with the gentle flavor of Dogo Hot Spring on your way home from the hot spring as if you have become the leading character in the famous novel, Botchan.

Usuzumi yokan (sweet bean jelly)

This yokan has green tea flavor and its elegant sweetness. Usuzumi yokan was named after the Usuzumi cherry blossoms at Saiho-ji Temple in Matsuyama. The white beans in the jelly colored like a dark green leaf reminds you of the petals of the cherry blossom. This yokan is said to have originated in 1874 and has been awarded many prizes and is one of the famous confections in the nation.


Tart, the notable sweet of Matsuyama, has very unique flavor and delicacy, different from other Western-style confections. It is said that this Western-style cake from Holland was brought back to Matsuyama and it was changed into a unique flavored confection from the original idea. The sweet bean paste flavored with Shikoku cropped citron is rolled in castella. It has become a very refined cake with the cut roll with bean filling.

Goshiki somen (five-colored Japanese vermicelli)

This somen has five colors; yellow from egg, green from powdered green tea, brown from buckwheat powder, red from plum, and white. This five-colored Japanese vermicelli, colored by all natural ingredients, looks like a silky thread and takes pride in its tradition. This vemicelli is produced all by hand and made into thin but strong noodles, and brings coolness when eaten particularly in summmer.

Hino-Kabura zuke (scarlet turnip pickles)

The color of this kabura(turnip) is reddish purple outside and white inside. It turns a brilliant scarlet color as if by magic when it is soaked in citrus vinegar. This turnip is the vegetable of Matsuyama; that is, it is said that "it cannot grow in a place where you cannot glance at Matsuyama Castle." Hino-kabura, which has not used artificial coloring agents, is cherished for New Year dishes, or to eat with boiled rice with tea, and others.

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